Under the Sea Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Oh yes, we are heading into full blown SUMMER SEASON now.. with recent Submarine Crafts and Shark Crafts here on Red Ted Art.. we are now looking at fabulous Under The Sea Paper Plate Crafts for kids!! Whoop. Ocean crafts are such a fun topic for kids.. and combine the Ocean with some Paper Plates and you have a great set of Ocean Paper Plate Crafts that kids can make. Love love love. Some would be great as an addition to an Ocean Study Unit.. others could be part of a Summer Alphabet Craft project.. and the rest.. make simply because they are FUN! From Rocking Paper Plate Crabs, to Paper Plate Shark puppets. And whilst we are on the topic of “Under the Sea”, we have added a list of BONUS Under the See Crafts below! Lots of Summer Crafts for Preschoolers inspiration!

Under the Sea Paper Plate Crafts

We love Paper Plate Crafts. Paper plates are so easy to get hold of, so inexpensive and like our love for TP Roll Crafts, surprisingly versatile. We particularly love to make Paper Plate Purses and Rocking Paper Plate Crafts.. but today we focus on these adorable Under the Sea Paper Plate crafts for kids!

Rocking Paper Plate Submarine
A set of TROPICAL Paper Plate Fish
Rocking Paper Plate Crab
Paper Plate Whale
And this Paper Plate Scuba Diving Mask is just so fun!
Paper Plate Cupcake Liner Fish by Easy Peasy and Fun
Paper Plate Jellyfish (watch them wibble wobble) by I Heart Crafty Things
Another Paper Plate Jellyfish (love how different the two are) by Non Toy Gifts
Paper Plate Puffer Fish by Buggy and Buddy – love how bright and cheerful these are!
Have lots of fun with a Paper Plate Shark Puppet by Kids Craft Room
Tissue paper and Paper Plate Turtle by Fireflies and Mudpies
Paper Plate Aquarium by The Imagination Tree
Paper Plate Mermaid Collage by Zing Zing Tree
Paper Plate Seahorse Craft by Healthy Mama Info

More Under the Sea Craft Ideas that I can’t resist sharing

And as mentioned, because we are SOOOOO excited about the Under the See topic.. I wanted to share these additional fabulous Ocean Crafts with you today!

Bubble Wrap Print Jelly Fish by Arty Crafty Kids
A simple and adorable Paper Narwhale Craft by The OT Toolbox
Paper Quilled Turtle Craft by Twitchetts
Paper Weaving Fish Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun!
Textured Starfish Craft by Fireflies and Mudpies
Cereal Box Aquarium by The Best Ideas for Kids
Gorgeous Body Tracing Mermaid Project by Make it Your Own
And TP Roll Searhorse by the Craft Train

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