Amazing cutout art crafted from a single sheet of paper

Artists from around the world continue to amaze us with their amazing creations made from humble paper. We recently showed you Hongkongese Bovey Lee’s intricate paper-cuts and now Parth Kothekar, an artist from India, is blowing our minds. His intricate black or white designs include butterflies, bicycles, feathers, bank notes, cats and even feminine silhouettes – all made from a single sheet of paper.

Parth Kothekar applies the skills he previously gained while doing graffiti stencils around the city of Ahmedabad to his staggering paper art. Full of poetry and great attention to detail, the works illustrate different aspects of everyday life and usually represent natural forms: dragonflies, feathers, flowers and human figures are all part of the remarkably intricate collection made using a pencil, a paper and a paper cut knife.

He initially started as a hobby, but – inspired by close friends and other interested buyers – turned the craft into his profession.

“It is the curiosity of finding out if I have got it that keeps me going. The thing with paper cuts is that one doesn’t know the final output until the end. I have an assumption of what it might look and that is what I work with,” he told Bored Panda. Check out Kothekar’s work on Facebook, and if you want to buy one of the artworks

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